BodySense is a model of best practice designed by experts in the fields of sport psychology, eating disorders, and nutrition. BodySense workshops are available for a fee, which covers meals, accommodations and economy travel for the workshop facilitator. If your club or organization cannot afford a workshop please consider the BodySense Resource Kit or contact BodySense to discuss alternative options.

Athletes, coaches, parents and administrators have great things to say about BodySense workshops! Read the feedback here.

BodySense Workshop for Key Influencers

This is a 1-2-hour interactive workshop for parents, coaches and other key influencers. The workshop introduces you to the 10 BodySense Basics, a set of simple guidelines that can help you nurture positive body image and self-esteem in young athletes, both male and female.

The workshop aims to shape attitudes toward body image in key influencers of young athletes, who will come away with new ideas for fostering healthy and positive environments for athletes, both in and out of the context of sport. The workshop includes activities such as goal-setting and group discussion.

BodySense Workshop for Athletes

This is a 45-minute interactive presentation for both male and female athletes, age 10 and older. A separate 35-minute presentation is recommended for athletes under 10 years of age.

The workshop presents young athletes with an overview of the practices that contribute to life-long positive body image and self-esteem. Participants will engage in group discussion and learn the facts about:

  • natural body size and shape
  • how to build a positive approach to food
  • what makes a healthy body
  • how to develop positive body image
  • effective coping mechanisms
  • how to feel confident under pressure
  • how to generate a healthy balance in sport, school and home life

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